Hill University’s Faculty of Health and Social Care recently celebrated the first
year achievements of two innovative undergraduate courses, both of which have
been designed to train the next generation of integrated health practitioners.

Roberts, Head of Children’s and Young People’s Health, explains, “The BSc
(Hons) Children’s Nursing and Social Work, and the BSc (Hons) Learning
Disabilities Nursing and Social Work degrees were established to respond
directly to the demand for effective collaboration and inter-professional

continues, “These new courses provide a clear and thorough understanding of all
aspects of health promotion and social inclusion, equipping our students with
the essential skills needed to support some of the most vulnerable people
living in society today. By combining the core values of these disciplines they
gain the knowledge required to become part of a more integrated workforce upon

successful event brought together health workforce managers, commissioners of
services, users and carers, current and future students and other
stakeholders, who listened to real-life accounts and a keynote address by
Louise Taylor, Director of the Children and Young People Directorate at
Lancashire County Council.

was a well attended day, and from the feedback we have received an extremely positive
experience for all involved,” says Brenda. “In fact, as a result, we have set
up a working group in collaboration with various stakeholders. This will ensure
that when the first students graduate in 2014 their skills will be effectively utilised as integrated nurse/social work practitioners.”

is precisely these kinds of outcomes that demonstrate the true value of strong relationships
between Edge Hill University and the health sector as Brenda concludes, “There
is absolutely no doubt that grounding our programmes in practice, combined with
having effective partnerships with the health professions, is beneficial to our
students and the University as a whole.” Adding, “It ensures that our courses
are informed by industry requirements and are fit for purpose, that we work
together to strengthen positive outcomes for service users, that opportunities
are created for expertise to be shared, and that the potential employment opportunities
for our graduates are increased.”

For more information
about studying BSc (Hons) Children’s Nursing and Social Work and BSc (Hons)
Learning Disabilities Nursing and Social Work, visit edgehill.ac.uk/health/nursing/courses