After winning awards for his work during his time at Edge Hill University, media graduate Jim Martin is now making an impression in the media industry and his work has been selected for this year’s London Short Film Festival.

During his final year at Edge Hill in 2010, Jim won the Paul Cannon award for his short film Grow at the Media Department’s end of year show. Jim says that this experience gave him the confidence to make his mark in the professional media industry. “Winning the award was a real highlight of my time at Edge Hill and I felt very privileged to have been chosen. The recognition gave me the confidence and determination to continue to make films and try to break into the media industry, which, luckily, I did with a job as a logger at Lime Pictures.”

After having another short film he’d made screened at a live film and music event, Jim was approached by the pop band Union Choir to see if he would be interested in producing a music video for their debut single, Eleanor – an opportunity he was keen to take up. “I jumped at the chance and, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to take it all on myself, I asked fellow media graduate Oli Rothwell to co-direct and other friends for help.

“The video’s idea was heavily inspired by the visual style of Paul King’s Bunny and The Bull and Michael Gondy, as I’ve always loved that lo-fi handmade look, and this project gave me the chance to try it out.  The narrative developed through a doodle of a mermaid, which Oli and myself brought to life, and we turned Oli’s living room into cardboard massacre with help from our friends, who built sets and a boat,” he added

When it was announced at the 2011 Screen Stockport Independent Film Festival Festival that Jim and Oli had won gold and silver awards for the video, they were both understandably delighted. “We were absolutely chuffed and it felt as though investing in your ideas really can pay off,” he revealed. “Just being a part of the festival and seeing our little music video on the big screen alongside some fantastic short films was an achievement though, and the response from the judges and audience has given us the confidence to take our promo to other events. The Eleanor video has now been selected for this year’s London Short Film Festival, which is amazing, and we also have two short film scripts in development.”

To watch the video for the Union Choir’s song Eleanor that Jim co-directed click here.