Pupils in the playground at a school

‘What can teachers do to help lonely children’, was the topic of debate for Edge Hill University’s Educational Psychology Research Group.

Guest speaker Dr Pam Qualter from the University of Central Lancashire, who has carried out extensive research on the subject, delivered a thought-provoking talk recently on how teachers might develop interventions/curricula that can help lonely children and adolescents.

In this interview, Dr Qualter explains what loneliness is, how it develops, and how it affects health and behaviours during childhood. She raises questions about how the issues can be tackled in the classroom.

The Educational Psychology Research Group has organised a programme of events to stimulate debate and examine ways in which educational practitioners can make the learning experience better for their pupils and students. Events are open to anyone with a general interest in the fields of education and psychology. For more information, please contact Dr Dave Putwain on 01695 584498 or email putwaind@edgehill.ac.uk.