Dyslexia didn’t get the better of one student who overcame her personal battles to graduate from Edge Hill University with the support of her tutors.

As any graduate will tell you, working your way through a three-year degree is difficult enough, but when you are faced with further challenges, structured support is vital in order to succeed.

Twenty-two-year-old Sophie Hunter from Southport has just graduated from the University with a BA Hons in Childhood and Youth Studies and her success is down to a combination of her own hard work and the support provided by Edge Hill as soon as she started her course.

“When I first started at university, what was great was that I was assessed and given support for my dyslexia straight away,” said Sophie. “This proved to be a huge help and towards the end of my second year I got a personal tutor through Edge Hill, who provided me with help with essay style and spelling. There is absolutely no doubt that without this support I would not have achieved my potential on my degree.”

Sophie first developed an interest in childhood studies at school, undertook a course at college and then decided to widen her interest by studying youth studies as well at degree level. She feels it was a choice well made and she really enjoyed her time at university. “I enjoyed all of the modules within the course, but my favourites were safeguarding and experiential learning, as in my second year I got to go and find my own placement volunteering in a youth club, which is something I’ve been lucky enough to carry on with.

“The overall student experience was great. The lecture class sizes were ideal because they were small, it meant we could interact with the tutors, meaning that I could go over certain aspects with them to make sure that I’d understood the lecture fully.”

Sophie was delighted to secure her 2:1 degree and is now busy searching for a job in the child and youth area. “A 2:2 was what I was aiming for, so I’m definitely happy. I’m now trying to find employment, but may also take time out to travel or even go and do a Masters. It’s just great to have my degree behind me and to have that choice.”

With the support Sophie received helping to ensure her degree success, what advice does Sophie have for other students who may have similar needs? “I would encourage them to go and look for additional support before lectures start, as that way you don’t miss out on anything and can really start to benefit straight away. With hard work and support there is nothing you can’t achieve, so there really is no reason not to reach your potential.”