Edge Hill University recently welcomed former students back to campus for a special Alumni catch-up day.

The campus was open for alumni to see the new buildings, chat to current students, enjoy lunch with friends and revisit favourite haunts. There was also an exhibition charting Edge Hill’s 125 year history, which coincides with the publication of Edge Hill’s new history book, A Vision of Learning: Edge Hill University, 1885-2010.

Sarah Riley (nee Waite) who graduated in 1982, said: “Coming back to campus and reminiscing with old friends has really got me thinking about planning a reunion to celebrate our 30th anniversary next year. Hopefully we can get all old friends back together on campus again.”

“We have great memories of our days at Edge Hill, such as the Lancashire Hall tradition of making the first years wake up at 6am for exercise and the legendary Decs night at Christmas when, as a first year, you would wake up to find your halls of residence fantastically decorated. I would love to know when this tradition ended.”

Are you thinking of organising a reunion with your Edge Hill friends? The Alumni Team can help you find your old friends, plan your visit and even organise a guided tour of the campus. Over the summer months you can even stay on campus in one of our fantastic, new halls of residence. Contact Caroline Mitchell on 01695 584861 or email alumni@edgehill.ac.uk.

The Alumni Team hold various events and reunions throughout the year for alumni; you can watch a video on our alumni events here.