Franco Rizzuto, Head of Law and Criminology at Edge Hill, welcomed students staff and invited guests to the first in a number of thought-provoking guest lectures taking place on campus this term.

At the free workshop entitled, ‘The Lisbon Treaty and National Parliaments’ leading experts Lord Norton of Louth and Dr Katrin Auel, reflected on the fifteen months since the Lisbon Treaty was enforced, focusing on the effects it has had on both British and European policy.  

The Lisbon Treaty was signed by the European Union member states on 13 December 2007 and came into force on 1 December 2009. The aim of the treaty is to offer more efficiency in the decision-making process and more democracy through an enhanced role for both the European and National parliaments. As well as this, its intention is to provide increased external coherence with leaders being able to consider the political, economic and social changes taking place throughout Europe alongside the hopes and expectations of the European public.  

At the Edge Hill event Professor Rizzuto, a widely acknowledged and published academic in this area began by presenting the role that the Lisbon Treaty lays down for national parliaments of the EU.  

Following this the acclaimed Lord Norton, who has held a seat in the House of Lords for 13 years, provided real insight into how parliament in the UK has developed, discussing how our document-based system works and how both the House of Commons and House of Lords operates under this new EU committee decision making process.  

Dr Katrin Auel, internationally renowned senior researcher at the Frankfurter Institut fur Transformationsstudien, continued by drawing on her wealth of knowledge dedicated to the Europeanization of parliamentary proceedings in her presentation, ‘After Lisbon and Karlsruhe: The Bundestag in EU Affairs’.  

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