With the jobs market now more competitive than ever, Edge Hill University’s Law Department is doing all it can to help students succeed in their future careers.

As part of this, recent LLB graduates Lucas Griffiths and Joe Davison returned to the University last week to speak to students about their career experiences and the Legal Practice Course they are currently completing at the College of Law.

Lucas Griffths, said: “Although I acquired my training contract independently, the head of the Law Department, Franco Rizzuto, was a major factor in my development; he engaged with us on ideas above and beyond the syllabus.”

“My training contract is with a medium-sized firm that has been established for years, so I know I’ll get real hands-on experience. As I said to the students, it is vital that you combine good academic performance with practical experience and a proactive approach. A lot of the law firms that I spoke to prefer candidates to have additional qualities in other areas, whether that be things you did on a gap year or being able to speak a foreign language that will help them attract new clients,” he adds.

Robert Collinson, Senior Law Lecturer, explains the reasons behind this idea of asking former students to return to speak to current ones: “We can teach the students a great deal, but there’s no doubt that hearing the experiences of people who, not so long ago, were in the same situation as them is really useful. We’re grateful to alumni such as Lucas and Joe for sparing the time to offer their advice.”

A further idea to develop networking opportunities and career development advice for graduates is the new Law Alumni Association, which has recently been set up at Edge Hill University.

To find out about joining, or if you would like to take part in a future careers talk, contact Caroline Mitchell in the Alumni Team on 01695 584861 or email alumni@edgehill.ac.uk