Talented former staff and students have joined together for a special one-off art exhibition to mark Edge Hill University’s 125th anniversary.

Recollections  is a mix of multi-media work by almost 30 creative alumni and past tutors who either studied or taught at the University between 1965 and 2005.

The stunning collection of works was unveiled at a private view on 4th November and is an exciting showcase of paintings, prints, ceramics, furniture, and 3D pieces in wood, aluminium, stone and plaster.

This latest innovative exhibition was the brainchild of Joan Steele, the University’s Arts and Culture representative, who has worked with all the exhibitors during her career in the Art and Design Department

“For the University’s 125 anniversary programme of exhibitions and the theme Shaping Futures I thought it would be a good idea to have our former artists come together since they are part of our past and the futures we shaped. It’s the first time that we have staged an exhibition of this kind, bringing together the work of former staff and students. Those who are participating are really excited about the prospect of coming back to the University and showing their work on campus.”

All those taking part have enjoyed successful careers in Education and the world of art. The exhibitors are educators and professional artists and regularly exhibit their work regionally, nationally and internationally. Some have been commissioned to do work for high-profile people or projects and others have their own galleries.

Recollections is the last exhibition showing as part of the Art on Campus programme, which was designed to mark the University’s 125th anniversaryand to showcase what the campus has to offer in the way of arts and culture. Throughout the year there has been a wide range of creative talent from the north-west who have taken the opportunity of using the University’s award-winning facilities as public galleries.

To see this last exhibition, visit the foyer of the Faculty of Health building on the Ormskirk campus from 4th until 19th November, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.