Six of the first male students to stay in Lancashire Hall

An alumni reunion which included six of the first male students to stay in Lancashire Hall was recently held on campus.

The twelve alumni keep in touch and have met annually for the last 10 years in various cities around the country. This year’s reunion was organised by Tom Naylor, who trained for secondary school teaching from 1961 to 1964 and later joined Edge Hill’s Mathematics Department in 1983 and was Department Head from 1987-1995.

Lancashire Hall was opened in 1962 by Princess Margaret to accommodate the recently introduced male students. The men of the group, many of whom met their wives at Edge Hill, were all roomed on the same floor and have remained friends to this day. 

The alumni reminisced about a very different campus from today’s – where there were strict night time curfews and formal lunches with the Principal. They chatted over old photographs, which included a picture with their old Principal, Dr Bain at Edge Hill’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

During a tour of the campus with the Alumni Team, Derek Brocklehurst, said: “It is amazing to come back and see the developments on campus and I am really pleased to see that the University has maintained green and open spaces which complement the original buildings.”

You can read an article from an old issue of Edge Ways magazine about the demolition of Lancashire Hall by following our 125 blog at

If you have any unforgettable memories of your time at Lancashire Hall that you would like to share with the Alumni Team, or would like to revisit the campus, contact Caroline Mitchell, Affinity Officer on 01695 584861 or email