Three geography students born in three different decades have graduated from Edge Hill University with first class honours degrees.

Despite their differing ages, career aspirations and personal circumstances Jemma Stephenson, 21, Stephanie Plevin, 36 and Tim Jones, 43, have all achieved top marks.

For Tim from Widnes who has a Bsc in Physical Geography and Geology, it spells an exciting career change. He is currently a mental health nurse but after eight years in the job he felt that it had ground to a halt and wanted a change. A keen hiker and climber, Tim has always loved the outdoors and his interest in the environment encouraged him want to learn more. 

“I’m always out and about climbing and thought it was about time I learnt more about these great mountains I climb so thought that geography would be good to study. Knowing that Edge Hill featured trips as part of the programme really swung it for me and was such an interesting part of the course. I’m now hoping to find a job within mineral exploration.”

Single mum Stephanie from Seaforth gained a Bsc in Physical Geography. Although disliking geography when she studied it at school, , her passion for the subject was evoked later in life after becoming a mum for the first time..

“The older I got the more interested I became in nature, and having a young son I started to wonder what the future would hold for him with talk of climate change and environmental issues. I always knew I wanted to do a degree and then a tutor where I worked previously as an exam officer suggested Edge Hill to study for geography.

Since I’ve been here I’ve loved every minute of it, my tutors have been fantastic and my son has been so supportive. He’s really proud of me and I hope I’ve been an inspiration to him. In fact, when he’s older he wants to study at Edge Hill too as he likes the idea of the sport programme.”

Jemma from Southport, who acheived a BA in Human Geography, has been a star student throughout her three years at the University. She is still deciding on her preferred career but believes that geography has opened many doors for her.

“Most people think that you can only be a geography teacher, a farmer or a weather girl but there are so many options to choose from. Having a geography degree gives you so many transferable skills that you can try your hand at almost anything, from engineering to ICT.  I’m not sure what sector to go into yet but I’m confident that it will be an interesting career. I’ll really miss everyone at Edge Hill though as they have been like a family to me.”