UK OK for a life-changing experience

For over 12 years Edge Hill University has been offering students from the USA the chance to experience education – and life – in the UK.

Alyson Brown and the Smash-and-Grab Gangster

For many, England’s rich historic legacy is one of our country’s main attractions, whether this is cultural, social, or political we revel in its heritage. There’s an aspect of our history, however, that has a much darker side, and Alyson Brown, Edge Hill Reader in History has devoted a large part of her career to bringing this to life.

Race questions in America come under spotlight

Award-winning US writer and political scientist, Professor Melissa Harris-Perry, will lead a debate on contemporary race and gender politics during the Barack Obama presidency at an Edge Hill University event.

WikiLeaks: imperial precedent

Whistle-blowing website Wilkileaks has shown that all too little has changed within politics, according to an Edge Hill University lecturer.

Preparing students for life after University

The continued media coverage and political debate surrounding higher education over recent weeks has highlighted more than ever the importance of students leaving university with not only a reputable degree, but also the skills, confidence and experience to enter the workplace.

Designing For The Best

Design students from Edge Hill University helped artists create an imaginative setting for a production in Liverpool.