International links have helped reunite former teacher trainees from Edge Hill University after 44 years.

Husband and wife, Barrie and Anne Pollard (nèe Slack), who now live in Scunthorpe, met their old friend and classmate, Malane Corlett, who had travelled thousands of miles from Canada. A mutual friend living in Australia put them back in touch and, after a few years of emails and Christmas cards, they finally had the chance to meet again.

Despite losing contact, the couple never forgot Malane and even named their daughter after her. Malane finally met her namesake for the first time during her stay in England.

The trio came back to the Ormskirk campus more than four decades after they last saw each other at their graduation in June 1965. The alumni team gave them a tour of the expanding site which has been totally transformed since they left.

And there was a moment of romance for Anne and Barrie as they posed for a photo on the staircase in the main building where Anne had once stopped Barrie to ask: ‘Do you know the way to the English noticeboard?’

Barrie said: “I came to Edge Hill from Kent and my years here were some of the best years of my life. I had a grant, a room with central heating, sports, swimming pools and great friends. We also went to ‘skats’ – the discos arranged by different halls to make money for your halls.”

Anne also recalled her first time in Hale Hall. She said: “We had to stand at the front and introduce ourselves, which was very daunting, but as we were going to be teachers, I think they wanted to throw us in at the deep end!”

Former Edge Hill students can keep in touch with each other and regain contact with old friends by registering with the Edge Hill Alumni Network.