Can you remember this event? If you are a former Edge Hill student you may be able to help us. We are on the hunt for anyone who can help shed some light on the event captured in these mysterious photos.

The pictures were sent to the University by Gillian Skinner who studied at Edge Hill in the late 1950s. They capture a charming outdoor event being held at the University’s Ormskirk campus during Gillian’s days as a student here.

Gillian attended a reunion last year with three of her old student friends to talk about their time at, what was then, Edge Hill College. She mentioned an event to them which they had all attended whilst studying here, but unfortunately neither of her friends could remember the occasion.

After contacting us, Gillian said: “Each student had to take part in one way or another. Some of us opted for the easy way by helping to tidy the college for the big event. I helped in the garden, whilst others entertained visitors.”

After returning home, she began her search for any photos that would help her friends remember the event. Luckily enough, she found the old black and white photos hidden inside one of her daughter’s photo albums.

Would you like to share you memories of this event? Or maybe you have some of your own that you’d like to share. If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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