Reverend Jesse Jackson at Edge Hill University

In honour of the hugely successful lecture delivered by the Reverend Jesse Jackson at Edge Hill University on Monday, 1 December, Chancellor Dr Tanya Byron, has announced that a Reverend Jesse Jackson Scholarship will be awarded annually by the University from the next academic year.

At the event, Dr Byron presented Reverend Jackson with an Honorary Fellowship from Edge Hill University and also announced that an annual Reverend Jesse Jackson lecture will be delivered each year. The lecture will address issues of race equality and human rights.

Dr John Cater, Vice-Chancellor at Edge Hill University said: “As announced by the Chancellor, Dr. Tanya Byron, the University, which won the Times Higher Award for Outstanding Student Financial Support in 2006, has inaugurated the Reverend Jesse Jackson scholarship to support a student, who through strength of character, has overcome disability or disadvantage to progress in higher education at the University.

“The scholarship, together with an annual lecture, will commemorate the Reverend Jackson’s visit to Edge Hill and his commitment to human rights and economic equality.”

Details of the Reverend Jesse Jackson Scholarship and the annual lecture in his honour will be finalised in the New Year.