9TH December 2003


Women’s football returned to its winning form on Wednesday with a 2-1 victory for Edge Hill over Manchester Metropolitan University. Despite a poor first half performance, the team pulled together and made a dramatic improvement in the second.

This crucial game ensured that Edge Hill retained their second position in the league, with the opportunity for returning to joint top should Central Lancashire suffer defeat. Goal scorers were Joanne Ball and Michelle Banks with Claire Pearson putting in an exceptional performance.

The men’s football 4th team enjoyed an outstanding victory with a 5-3 triumph over league leaders Manchester University, who suffered their first defeat of the season. Goals were provided by Paul Rough, Paul Dawson, Scott Fletcher with two from Will Lee.

Men’s football 5th team also enjoyed victory over Salford with a 3-2 result, and two goals scored within the first 20 minutes by Lee Annett and Adam Mann. Salford re-entered the game after 40 minutes with two goals in succession. Then things went from bad to worse for Edge Hill with the sending off of Adam Mason. But Lee Annett took the lead to save the game with a third goal just before half-time.

No notable attempts were made to score in the second half and exceptional Edge Hill players were Lee Annett and Carl McCoy.

BUSA Results for 03/12/2003

Men’s Football
Edge Hill 4th 5-3 Manchester University 2nd (H)
Edge Hill 5th 3-2 Salford University 3rd (H)
Edge Hill 6th 1-4 Salford University 4th (H)

Women’s Football
Edge Hill 1st 2-1 Manchester Metropolitan 1st (A)

Men’s Basketball
Edge Hill 1st 52-59 UW Bangor 1st (A)

Women’s Hockey
Edge Hill 1st 1-6 Lancaster University 1st (H)

Men’s Rugby Union
Edge Hill 1st 7-17 UMIST 1st (H)

Edge Hill 3rd 8-37 Manchester Metropolitan 3rd (A)
*Edge Hill 4th 0-0 Manchester Metropolitan 4th (A)
*(Edge Hill Netball 4th awarded walkover and the points as MMU unable to fulfill fixture requirements)

Results from Monday 01/12/03

Men’s Badminton
Edge Hill 1st 0-8 St Martin’s College (H)

Edge Hill 4th 4-59 Salford University 2nd (A)

Men’s Basketball

*Edge Hill 1st 0-0 Liverpool Hope 1st (A)
*(Walkover and the points awarded to Edge Hill as Liverpool Hope unable to fulfill fixture)


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