27 November 2003


A Lecturer from Edge Hill’s Faculty of Health has received a doctorate award following a 22 year association with the college of higher education.

Dr Dave Lynnes started his health service career back in 1981 when he became a pupil nurse at the Walton School of Nursing, now Edge Hill’s Faculty of Health, based at Aintree. Dave has come a long way since his early days as a state enrolled nurse, progressing to achieve the Diploma in Nursing and a BSc in Nursing with Education. His most recent achievement was to become the first person to receive a PhD award at the Faculty of Health’s graduation ceremony at Edge Hill’s Ormskirk Campus.

Dave said: “I really wanted to celebrate alongside colleagues and my own undergraduate students, that’s why I chose to attend the Faculty of Health graduation ceremony, rather than the formal postgraduate ceremony at Lancaster University. I have had a lot of support from Edge Hill, and I felt it only right that I should celebrate at the Ormskirk Campus.”

Dave has been a lecturer at Edge Hill since 1992 and is also Head of Academic Services for the Respiratory Education and Training Centre – an independent training organisation with charitable status, set up in collaboration with Edge Hill, to offer a broad spectrum of respiratory courses for health care professionals, in both primary and secondary care.

Dave’s PhD thesis is based on the power relationships between health professionals and patients, and he hopes to continue to build a portfolio of research, having recently been offered a Reader’s post.
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