EVIDENCE of a watering hole for dinosaurs has been uncovered during excavations for a new lake at Edge Hill College of Higher Education’s campus in Ormskirk, Lancashire.

Dr John Hindley, co-ordinator of a multi-million pound redevelopment of part of the site, noticed ancient mud deposits while diggers were creating the new water feature.

Scientists Steve Suggitt, Dr Ann Worsley and Gerry Lucas from Edge Hill’s Department of Natural, Geographical and Applied Sciences investigated further – and discovered evidence of a lake dating from the Triassic period, some 230 million years ago.

Then, Edge Hill’s now leafy campus would have resembled Death Valley in the USA and may well have been home to primitive dinosaurs.

Steve Suggitt said: “The modern lake construction is very much a case of d?j? vu. To have found evidence of an ancient lake right on the site of the new one really is remarkable.”