CCTV surveillance will be the focus of a public lecture at Edge Hill College of Higher Education on Tuesday, 10 December.

Dr Roy Coleman of the School of Social Science at Liverpool John Moores University will present the lecture, entitled CCTV Surveillance, Social Order and the Neo-Liberal State. The event is part of the Truth and Justice Open Lecture Series organised by Edge Hill’s Centre for Studies in Crime and Social Justice (CSCSJ).

Dr Coleman said: “Since the middle of the 1990s a cocktail of government grants and corporate financing has supported the development of camera networks within towns and cities across the UK. These networks remain unregulated and outside of official and public scrutiny. Yet it is claimed that CCTV has widespread public support.

“The status of CCTV as a techno-fix response to crime and incivility as been assumed rather than demonstrated by the partnerships involved in the monitoring of public space; as has the notion of ‘public empowerment'”.

Based on a case study of Liverpool, the session will take a critical look at the “friendly eye in the sky” and positions it as more than just a piece of crime prevention technology. It will look at what kind of material and ideological interests underpin camera networks and what kind of social order these interests point to.

Finally, Dr Coleman will consider to what extent CCTV networks constitute a contemporary form of authoritarian state rule.

Admission to the lecture is free of charge. It starts at 6.30pm and will be held in Room M40 in the main building of Edge Hill’s Ormskirk campus.

For further information contact Ann Jemphrey, Research Co-ordinator, CSCSJ, on 01695 584055, email