Edmund Horowicz

Ed HorowiczEd is a registered nurse and senior lecturer in healthcare law and ethics in the School of Medicine. Ed leads on the Legal Responsibilities and Professional and Ethical Responsibilities themes within the MBChB programme, along with Dr June Jones. Ed also leads legal and ethical modules on the Physician Associate programme, the Advanced Practice programmes and teaches healthcare law and ethics across the wider faculty.

Ed obtained a first-class law degree and subsequently gained a Master of Law and Bioethics degree with distinction from the university of Manchester. It was during his master’s degree that his research interest focussed towards ethical and legal issues that affect children and young people in making healthcare decisions. Ed focuses on decisions relating to sex and gender identity within healthcare and is currently undertaking a PhD exploring the relationship between medicine and children with a sex or gender variant diagnosis, at the University of Manchester. Ed has published on the deprivation of liberty in children, genital surgery in intersex infants, transgender children and surgery and most recently clinical classification of gender and sex variance. Ed is also a keen to support children in making decisions and has worked with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to develop resources to help older children.

Recently he was part of a small research team working with children to develop animations for healthcare professionals and children to support a better understanding of the needs of children when coming to hospital.



Full-text links of these publications are available on the Edge Hill University Research Information Repository

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