Prof John Sandars

Prof John SandarsJohn has been Professor of Medical Education at Edge Hill University since 2016 and was previously Professor in Medical Education at the University of Sheffield and Associate Professor in the Leeds Institute of Medical Education, University of Leeds.

After training in hospital medicine, John entered the world of General Practice and was a GP trainer, GP tutor, Macmillan GP Facilitator in Palliative Medicine and part-time lecturer in general practice at the University of Manchester.

Whilst at the University of Leeds, he was awarded a University Teaching Fellowship and was a World University Network Visiting Scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has received major funding for national and international projects including JISC and European Union Framework 7. John’s research has led to over 120 peer-reviewed publications and he has been key note speaker at national and international conferences, as well as being a Visiting Professor at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He is an Associate Editor for Medical Teacher and a member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Medical Education.

John is co-lead of the Improving Professional Practice research theme research theme in the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine at Edge Hill University, and is a member of the Health Research Institute.

He is interested in the teaching and application of ethics in health professions education, including the importance of values based healthcare and education.

Key Publications

Jha V, Gibbs T Mclean M Sandars J (2015) Medical professionalism across cultures: A challenge for medicine and medical education Medical Teacher 37(1):74-80

Mclean M, Jha V, Sandars (2015) J. Professionalism under fire: Conflict, war and epidemics. Medical Teacher 37(9):831-6

Sandars J, Hart C (2015) The capability approach for medical education: AMEE Guide No. 97 Medical Teacher 37(6): 510–520.

Sandars J (2016) Critical theory and the scholarship of medical education International Journal of Medical Education.7:263-264

Sandars J (2017) When I say … critical pedagogy Medical Education 51(4): 351-252

Goh, Poh-Sun, Sandars J (2019) Using Technology to Nurture Core Human Values in Healthcare MedEd Publish

SandarsJ, Brown J, Nwolisa C, Patel M, Dogra N,Kaehne A, Garner J, Watmough S, Maden M, Duckworth V (2020)The challenge of conducting qualitative research to understand the factors that influence equity in medical education: A scoping review MedEdPublish, 9, [1], 84,

Full-text links of these publications and more, are available on the Edge Hill University Research Information Repository

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