Dr Nick Braslavsky QC

Nick is one of the UK’s leading catastrophic injury and clinical negligence barristers and is Honorary Professor of Law at University of Birmingham Law School. He acts for both claimants and defendants in acquired injury of the utmost severity (mainly neurological injury to the brain, spinal injuries and amputations) and for claimants in wide range of clinical negligence cases (birth damage, failed/late diagnoses, emergency medicine, neurological/vascular accidents etc). He also works in regulatory and allied clinical litigation arising from cosmetic surgery etc.

His principal interest in medical law and bioethics focuses on helping healthcare professionals to understand the legal principles underpinning medical practice and how legal developments influence clinical practice in ways which improve patient care and patient safety.

Nick is currently involved with Bioethics in Professional Practice, exploring the relationship between law, bioethics and professional practice with particular reference to informed consent.

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Braslavsky N., Carlson G. (2018) Informed Consent and Montgomery Implications for Future Medical Practice. Journal of the Associate of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, no 25 p77-80

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