Dr Mike Blaber

Dr Mike BlaberDr Mike Blaber (MRCP, MBChB, BMedSci)

Specialty Doctor in Palliative Medicine, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

Honorary Lecturer in Bioethics, University of Birmingham


What does it mean to be a healthcare professional?  This important question greatly interests me. Answers to this question drive a sense of vision behind healthcare decision making, influence the experience of patients and shape the culture of teams and organisations. One outworking of this interest in professionalism is a concern for the wellbeing of healthcare staff and I am actively engaged in initiatives seeking to address this concern.  Moreover, as a doctor in Palliative Medicine I am regularly exposed to the diverse and complex ethical considerations inherent to the human condition at its extremity. Each person brings the unique perspectives and beliefs from their own story, and that of the communities to which they belong, to an end of life journey. I am interested in how we navigate that as healthcare professionals in such a way that enables patients from any background to be heard, while making ethically robust decisions within the parameters of the health service we find ourselves in.

Unit Themes

  • Bioethics in Education
    • Student engagement with bioethics
    • Development of educational resources
  • Bioethics in Professional Practice
    • Complex decision making
    • Ethics, behaviour and communication
    • Wellbeing in Healthcare
  • Contemporary Bioethics in Healthcare Delivery
    • End of life care



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Blaber M, Jones J, Willis D. Spiritual Care: Which is the best assessment tool for palliative settings? Int J Palliat Nurs 2015 Sep, 21(9): 430-8

Blaber MS, Khan JN, Brebner JA, McColm R. “Lipid Rescue” for tricyclic antidepressant cardiotoxicity. J Emerg Med 2012 Sep; 43(3): 465-7

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