Dr Barbara Cohen

Dr Barbara CohenBarbara Cohen, PhD, JD, PMHNP-BC, RN, is a nurse-attorney with several decades of experience in nursing, medical malpractice and professional licensure issues as well teaching a variety of healthcare related subjects. She is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, a member with board service of Sigma Theta Tau International, serves as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Transcultural Nursing and is a board certified  psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

Barbara has taught medical law and ethics courses for over 20 years. She has served as the Director of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association’s Continuing Legal Education Programs and as an academic department and program chair of various nursing and paralegal program offerings. She has presented locally, nationally and internationally on various topic in healthcare, law and bioethics including topics such as management of religious viewpoints in bioethical decision-making case scenarios, healthcare rights of undocumented immigrants, end of life decision making and rights of mentally ill individuals including those who are unhoused.


Book Chapters

Cohen B. (2018).  No home? No rights?  Case Study:  Defining Homeless and Formerly Homeless Individuals’ Rights to Access or Refuse Health Care In Ellison, R. Health Policy Management: A Case Approach. New York, New York: Jones & Bartlett

Cohen, B. (2018). Reflecting on the interplay between nursing education and the law. In Hunt, D. The New Nurse Educator. 2d Edition, New York, New York: Springer Publishing

Cohen, B. (2017).   Mental Health Issues and Self Neglect. In Day, R.M. & Fitzpatrick, J.J. & McCarthy, G. Self Neglect in Older Adults, A Global, Evidence Based Resource for Nurses and Other Health Providers. New York, New York:  Springer Publishing.

Cohen, B. (2017). Mental health and behavioral health. In Nickitas, D., Middaugh, D. & Feeg, V. (Eds). Policy and Politics for Nurses. 3d Edition . New York, New York: Jones & Bartlett

Cohen, B. (2016). Policy, Policy Making and Politics for Professional Psychiatric Nurses. In Jones, J.S., Fitzpatrick, J.J., & Rogers, V.L.  Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, An Interpersonal Approach. (2d Ed). New York, New York: Springer Publishing


Peer Reviewed Publication

Nickitas, D. M. & Cohen, B. (2014). Remembering Grace: A Personal Reflection on Death & Dying. Nursing in the 21st Century. A Mobile Journal. 14, 1-8.


Podium Presentations

Cohen, B. (2018, November 27). Dead is dead….until it isn’t. The case of Jahi McMath. Accepted podium presentation. 13th World Conference. UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, Jerusalem, Israel

Andrews, C.A., Steller, J.V., Cohen, B., Fishman, T., Friedman, A.K., Beal, J. (2018, August) Interprofessional Education (IPE) International Collaboration Preceptorships: Physicians and FNP Students. Podium Presentation: The International Council of Nurses Congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cohen, B., Vosit-Steller, J. & Glynn, D. (2017, October). Successes and challenges in integration of large bi-national online MSN-FNP students into an on-ground chapter.  44th Annual Biennial Convention, Sigma Theta Tau International, Indianapolis, Indiana

Andrews, C. Vosit-Steller, J., Goldman, D., Cohen, B., Beal, J. (2016, July).  International Collaboration and Partnership:  A pilot program developing roles of advanced practice nurses in Israel. Paper presented at the 27th International Nursing Research Congress.  Sigma Theta Tau International, the Honor Society of Nursing, Cape Town, South Africa

Cohen, B. (2016, October). Application of the Purnell framework to improve patient compliance with state required health-based recommendations for an ethnic minority population. 42nd Annual Conference, The Transcultural Nursing Society: Cincinnati, Ohio


Poster Presentations

Vosit-Steller, J., Andrews, C., Cohen, B., Goldman, D. & Beal, J. (2017, May) Improving access to high quality primary community based health care through implementation of an online bi-national MSN-FNP educational program. Poster session presented at the meeting of The International Council of Nurses Congress, Barcelona, Spain

Maher, V., Maher, E., Privalos, G. & Cohen, B. (2017). Drug Costs Vs. Charges: You Can. Should You? 28th International Nursing Research Congress. Sigma Theta Tau International, the Honor Society of Nursing, Dublin, Ireland.

Cohen, B. (2014, October). Medical Repatriation: Ethical and legal implications for nurses. National Institute of Health, Minorities & Health Disparities Conference, Washington, DC.

Cohen, B. (2013, December 11). Torah True: The Lived Experience of Orthodox Jewish Registered Nurses. The Mt. Sinai Medical Center Research Day, New York: Mount Sinai Medical Center

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