Dr. Aimee Mollaghan

Dr Aimee Mollaghan

Programme Leader for Film Studies
Senior Lecturer Media, Film and Television

International co-ordinator for the Media Department

Department of Media
CE211 Creative Edge Building
Telephone: 01695 586388


Dr. Aimee Mollaghan is the programme leader for film studies and a lecturer in Media, Film and Television. She is also the international co-ordinator for the Media Department. She joined the department of media in 2016 having previously served as co-ordinator for the MA Digital Media and BA with Film Studies programmes at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Her current research is concerned with exploring music, sound and soundscape across disciplinary boundaries. Her monograph, The Visual Music Film (2015), has recently been published by Palgrave as part of their series on audiovisual culture. She is currently serving as the reviews editor for animation: an interdisciplinary journal. She has examined PhD and MRes dissertations in the area of film music and she would welcome prospective research students who are interested in film sound and music, animation, experimental moving image practices, soundscape, visual music or psychogeography in cinema.


2013 – 2014           PG Certificate Teaching & Learning in Higher Education,
N.U.I. Galway

2007 – 2011           PhD Theatre, Film and Television Studies
Glasgow University/Glasgow School of Art

2005 – 2007            MPhil 2D/3D Motion Graphics,
Glasgow School of Art


MED1204 Introduction to Visual Cultures
MED1425 What is Animation: History and Contexts
FLM3027 Animation and the Cinema
MED2227 Spectacles, Bodies and Other Pleasures
MDM4019 Film and Media Theory Analysis
MUS2067 Listening Studies
MED2251 Advanced Production
MED1202 Sound for Picture
MED1202 Media and Society
MED2253 Advanced Post-Production

Research Interests

Experimental Film and Animation
Film sound and music
Visual music
Acoustic Ecology
Expanded Cinema
Artist’s Film
Landscape in Cinema

Recent Publications


2015     The Visual Music Film. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Chapters in Books

2017       ‘Rebalancing the Picture/Sound Relationship: the Audiovisual Compositions of Lis Rhodes,’ The Music and Sound of Experimental Film. Jeremey Barham and Holly Rogers. Oxford University Press. (forthcoming)

 Journal Articles

Spring 2016  “The Unified Artwork,” Photography and Sound. Source: the Photographic Review. Issue 85. Belfast

Sept 2015      ‘The Rest is Silence’: Psychogeography, Soundscape and Nostalgia in Pat Collins’ Silence.’ The New Soundtrack Journal. University of Edinburgh Press. Volume 5, Issue 2, Page 121-132

Spring 2015 “Audiovisual Moiré Patterns: Phasing in Guy Sherwin’s Optical Sound Films.” The Soundtrack. Vol. 7, Issue 1. Michael Filimovicz (Ed.) Intellect Publishing.

July 2011       “‘An Experiment in Pure Design:’ the Minimalist Aesthetic in the Line Films of Norman McLaren,” Animation Studies Journal. Nicola Dobson (Ed.)

Dec 2010       “An Audiovisual Gallivant:  Psychogeographical Soundscapes in the Films of Andrew Kötting,” The Soundtrack Journal. Vol. 3, Issue 2.  Stephen Deutsch (Ed.) Intellect Publishing. pp. 125 – 130.

 Other works

July 2015       ‘World Listening Day Radio Soundscape Project: H2O’ with Flirt FM, NUIG.

Autumn 2014 “Ex-Cinema: From a Theory of Experimental film and Video” Film Philosophy Journal

Spring 2013  ““Too much quiet would drive a fellow mad:” Landscape and nostalgia in Pat Collin’s Silence,” Estudios Irlandeses, Journal of Irish Studies. Issue 8

Spring 2012 “Review of Dance and the Moving Image,” Screen Journal. Vol. 53, Issue 1. pp. 99-101.


Selected Invited Talks

Sept 2014      Seeing Sound Salon on McLaren, Encounters Festival,  Bristol.  ‘Norman McLaren and Modernism.’

June 2014     The Eye Hears, The Ear Sees Symposium, Talbot Rice gallery, Edinburgh, ‘Seeing the Structure of Sound in Norman McLaren’s animated sound films’

April 2014      McLaren Symposium, Glasgow School of Art, ‘”The Essence of Movement:” Norman McLaren’s Ballet Films’

April 2014      Spring Concert: An Exploration of Music and Film, National University of Ireland Galway, ‘Introduction: Film Music’


Selected Conference Papers

July 2017       The American New Wave: A Retrospective, University of Bangor, ‘Lost in the Landscape: Barbara Loden’s Influence on the Contemporary American Female Road Movie’ (forthcoming)

June 2017     Music and Moving Image Conference, NYU, ‘Landscape, Sound and Psychological Invention in the Films of Andrea Arnold’ (forthcoming)

July 2016       NECS Conference, Potsdam. “Sound and Psychogeography” Workshop Panel.

June 2016     Screen Studies Conference, University of Glasgow. ‘Haunted Landscapes in British Neo-romantic Landscape Cinema’

May 2016      Music and Moving Image Conference, NYU, ‘Acoustic Ghosts and Haunted Landscapes: the Sonic Invention of Place in British Landscape Cinema’

Nov 2015       Sound/Image Colloquium, University of Greenwich, ‘Lis Rhodes: Light Music’

July 2015       Society for Animation Studies, Canterbury Christchurch University. ‘Lis Rhodes: Light Music’

July 2015       European Cinema Research Forum, NUI Galway. ‘Psychogeography, Soundscape and Nostalgia in Contemporary Irish Cinema’

May 2015      Music and Moving Image Conference, New York University. ’”A Worker in Consciousness”: Jordan Belson’s Audiovisual Quest for Transcendence’

Sept 2014      Alphaville Conference, University College Cork. ‘“The Essence of Movement:” Norman McLaren’s Ballet Films ‘

June 2014     Screen Conference, University of Glasgow, Glasgow.  ‘Psychogeographical Landscapes in Contemporary Irish Cinema’

June 2014     Society for Animation Studies Conference, Sheridan College, Toronto.  ‘“Too esoteric, even for my taste:” Norman McLaren’s investigations into the structure and materiality of film.’

June 2013     Society for Animation Studies Conference, U.S.C., Los Angeles, ‘“Documenting the Soul”: Jordan Belson’s Samadhi (1971)’

2013               Cinesonika 3 Conference, University of Ulster, ‘The Use of Phasing in Guy Sherwin’s Optical Sound Films’

2012               Screen Conference, University of Glasgow, ‘A New Language for a New Art: Conceptions of Harmony in the Digital Cinema of John Whitney.’

2010               Sounding Out 5 Conference, University of Bournemouth, ‘Audiovisual Gallivant:  Psychogeographical Soundscapes in the Films of Andrew Kötting.’

2010               Society for Animation Studies Conference, Edinburgh College of Art, ‘”An Experiment in Pure Design:’ the Minimalist Aesthetic in the Line Films of Norman McLaren’.

Professional Bodies and External Activities

BAFTSS (British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies) Animation Special Interest Group
NECS (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies)
Center for Visual Music, Los Angeles

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