European Cinema Research Forum

The European Cinema Research Forum (ECRF) is the international forum for the discussion of all things relating to European film and European film culture.

The ECRF was founded in 2000 as a means to create a network for scholars working across Film Studies and Modern Languages, to identify common issues of interest or concern, and increasingly to bring theory and practice into closer, and more meaningful, dialogue. Others soon showed considerable enthusiasm for the Forum and it engaged in its first international discussions later that year. Other activities followed and the Forum held its first conference, video-linked mini-conference and seminar series in 2001. As the ECRF enters its twelfth year, it has become a very vibrant interdisciplinary, international forum of colleagues and friends who actively welcome new participants in the ECRF and its activities. We are especially proud that many postgraduate students have presented their first academic papers at our conferences, and we celebrate this developmental role. The organisation is based at no one university and is seen to be ‘owned’ by all its participants, wherever they might be based.

The ECRF holds a highly successful annual international conference, organized by those interested in European film and European film culture and held at different universities throughout the world, as well as developing other activities, including visiting film speaker events, video linked conferences, public screenings and talks, web-linked discussions, and a range of research projects and publications. This year we are delighted that Edge Hill University will be hosting our twelfth conference in Ormskirk.

For more information on the ECRF and its history, please visit:

If you are interested in becoming involved in the ECRF or in hosting a future conference, please do not hesitate to contact us ( or


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