Research in the Media Department endeavors to understand the role that the media play in shaping our perceptions of society, history and culture; in forging individual, collective, national and transnational identities; and in mediating the direction and character of social change in our regional settings.

Main research interests include, but are not limited to (post)feminism in popular culture, American television programming in Britain, television drama, diasporic communication, cultural adaptation and transnational cinema, product placement and gaming, international journalism, the creative use of language in journalists’ practices, music cultures and Eurovision, and European media culture and identity.

The Department invites applications for postgraduate study in all the above subjects.

An emphasis on practice in the creative industries has also generated a research focus on audio/visual explorations of aspects of the urban, video processing of interactivity, time and space, engagements with digital technologies as well as notions of ‘seeing, the relationship between movement, dance and the camera, the role that animation plays in manipulating new representations of other world, and the impact of convergence technologies in film and television.
Interested in a PhD studentship with the Media Department?
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