Students test new TV ideas on industry panel

Pitch perfect

Pitching is at the heart of the television and film industry – from an expression of an idea on paper, to the physical presentation and subsequent commissioning of that idea – and also central to Edge Hill’s Television Production Management programme.

During their final year, students develop a pitch which they present to industry professionals in a process that authentically mirrors the television industry’s commissioning of programmes. The students provide a mood board, a trailer, a small folder including programme overview, branding, merchandising and funding models, plus a full pre-production file.

“The students were incredibly receptive and engaged in the exercises enthusiastically. I was struck by the breadth of their ideas and their understanding of the broadcasting landscape – tailoring their programme ideas to specific channels and slots. It is important that the future producers, production managers and industry leaders, trained at Edge Hill, have a good handle on the process of pitching.”

Dhyvia Chetty, ITV Development Producer