Students gain authentic experience of live TV

Studio Day

Managing a live studio broadcast requires many technical and organisational skills – not least the ability to remain calm under pressure. For Television Management Production students, the opportunity to practise these skills in a realistic simulation is a vital part of their training, giving them the confidence to apply for industry placements and graduate jobs.

As part of their programme, second year students spend a day in the studio producing a live recording of a band from The Label, Edge Hill’s record label. Working alongside industry professionals, they are responsible for everything from camerawork to risk assessments. During the shoot they are assessed on the way they conduct themselves in the studio gallery and on the studio floor, as well as how they deal with managing other students. The challenge is to deal with any crises as they arise, while taking direction from their industry mentors.

“Students seem – and they are the hope for the future – very focused on doing a job well. They are obviously well-trained here.”

John Kirby, Studio Director – Producer