As Drones are used more frequently in television production, offering eye in the sky shots for everything from news to drama, film crews are having to familiarise themselves with how to work with this kit safely and legally. Just because you can buy a drone from your local Argos, doesn’t mean you can launch it and fly it wherever you want.

Earlier this year first year Television Production Management students were fortunate to attend a master class from an award-winning Drone operator Cerys Kaiser, to learn more about this specialised area of film making.

Kaiser, an experienced Producer/Director whose credits include everything from Blue Peter and Wimbledon to filming Richard Hawley at the London Philharmonic, is one of very few female Drone pilots working in the media.

As well as wowing the students with some absolutely breath taking footage taken from recent shoots, Cerys explained to the students the process in the UK to obtain the all-important CAA permission for aerial work on a shoot.

As both an operator and director Cerys gave lots of advice on how our future Television Production Manager can ensure they support a crew’s creative expectations, whilst complying to the correct legal and health and safety rules.

Students also learnt about privacy laws in regard to these small flying cameras and the practical elements of how to help set up a location when using then. Everyone was particularly impressed by her pop up traffic cones!

All the students familiarised themselves with how the drone worked, trying out the controller and came away feeling far more confident about how to production manage TV projects using this exciting piece of kit.