Students studying media in Brussels

Edge Hill Lecturer Paula Keaveney has been spending a week teaching students studying media in Brussels.  And it’s  hoped that links between the Belgian University IHECS and Edge Hill’s own Media Department will mean more opportunities for UK students to broaden their horizons.

The class working on understanding, and making, persuasive speeches

Paula spent time with students  planning to specialise in PR and  journalism, as well as those wanting to learn more about Politics.  She gave lectures on  Euroscepticism and the Referendum Campaigns, on how to analyse and make speeches, and on the UK party system and challenges facing the Labour Party.
IHECS is one of the Universities in Europe with which Edge Hill’s Media Department has a special partnership.  The idea is that UK students can spend a Semester, or a year,  taking modules  ranging from  photography to lobbying, from  graphic design to planning communication campaigns.  Edge Hill students can gain from the experience of studying abroad.  And students from Europe bring different perspectives to the courses running in Ormskirk.

Says Paula: “It was great to have the chance to build links with staff working on fascinating communications courses.  Now I have seen what IHECS does it is much easier for me to advise UK students on applying to spend time there”

IHECS runs a suite of courses taught in English, so UK students do not need to be fluent in French or Flemish.  Visitors do however benefit from short French courses and can return to the UK with much improved language skills.