You said… We listened…

We have acted to address your concerns where possible.

Vector graphic associated with the You said we listened campaign

“You struggled with noise on some floors in Catalyst”

We’ve introduced a noise policy and increased signage around noise. We’ve also moved furniture away from quiet floors to encourage individual working and we’ve bought additional desk screens for the second floor.

“You needed more group space”

We changed the underutilised events space on the ground floor and moved larger tables from upper floors to create more group space.

“You needed more access to bookable spaces”

We’ve increased the bookable times of the individual rooms by 90 hours a week.

“You wanted to know when spaces would be free”

We’ve added daily calendars to the first floor rooms so you know when space is available to be used.

“You wanted to use the building later during summer”

Colleagues in Campus Support kept the building open until 11 pm Monday – Friday for most of the summer.

During 2019/20 we will focus on the issues that you have said are the most important.

  • Glare and temperature issues
  • Noise issues
  • Provision of study space

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