Making the most of

Once logged in, use the search box at the top to search for topics, or click on Library to get an A-Z list of subjects. Once you have searched, you can narrow down your list by skill level, duration or subject using the filters on the left.

Watching courses and videos
Click on any course to begin watching. Watch through the entire course or click on individual videos to just watch specific sections.
Beneath each course is an overview, a transcript, and if relevant, exercise files to work through as you watch the course.

Create playlists
You can add any course or video to a playlist, by navigating to the item and clicking Add to Playlist. Select an existing playlist or choose to add it to a new playlist.
You can navigate to your playlists at any point by clicking in your name in the top right corner and choosing Playlists.

Share with others
You can share videos, courses and playlists with other staff and students at Edge Hill. Navigate to the item you want to share, click Share and copy the link to share within your organisation. This link can then be emailed, placed online or put into Blackboard.

Claim your certificates
Once you have watched an entire course, you will get a certificate which you can print off or place on your LinkedIn profile. To see your certificates, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and choose Certificates. Make sure you download all of these before you leave the university.