FAQs and contact

Do I need to pay anything to access Lynda.com?
No – access to Lynda.com is free for all members of the University. To continue using Lynda.com once you leave the University, you will need to take out your own paid personal subscription directly from Lynda.com.

If I already have a Lynda account, can I merge it with my Edge Hill one?
When you sign in for the first time at Edge Hill, you will be asked if you have had a Lynda account before. If you select yes, you will be given the option to transfer your history over by entering your previous username and password.

What happens to my playlists and digital certificates if I leave the university?
You must download all of your data before leaving the institution. Unfortunately, when your University account is deactivated, you will no longer be able to utilise Lynda.com for free. If you would like to continue to use Lynda.com after leaving the institution, you can sign up for a paid consumer account by contacting Lynda.com customer services where your details may be migrated to a new account.

Can I add my own videos and content to Lynda?
No – there is currently no mechanism for adding your own resources to Lynda.com.

What are the minimum machine requirements for using Lynda.com?
Have a look at the up-to-date machine requirements here.

Is Lynda.com accessible?
Lynda.com is committed to providing accessible content. They offer closed captioning on their video resources which allows people with hearing impairments to better experience the content, and gives all site visitors improved search ability and discoverability. For more information, visit the Lynda accessibility page.

Who do I contact if I need further help with using Lynda.com?
For staff requiring further support with Lynda.com, please contact ltdsupport@edgehill.ac.uk
For students requiring further support, please visit Ask Us.