Dr Steven Hirschler

Steven is a lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a BA in Political Science in 2007 and completed an MA in Comparative Politics at the University of York in 2009. He was awarded a PhD from the University of York in 2016 following the successful completion of his thesis, which investigated asylum seekers’ housing experiences within the UK Government’s COMPASS housing programme. His research interests include the policing of minority ethnic communities, asylum seekers and persons subject to immigration control; he is particularly interested in connections between the law, social subjectivities and social control practices. Steven’s publications include a chapter contribution to the 2012 text, ‘The English Riots of 2011’, and an entry on crime and migration in Rowland Atkinson’s introductory criminological text, ‘Shades of Deviance’ (2014). Steven plans to continue his research into migrants’ experiences within UK cities with specific focus on community engagement and experiences within criminal justice environments.

In his role as Teaching Fellow and Associate Lecturer at the University of York from 2012 to 2016, Steven taught on a variety of Criminology modules within the Department of Sociology. These modules included such themes as the role of the media in the construction of crime, social and institutional factors impacting criminality, subjectivities and the law, and the criminal justice experiences of ethnic minorities and migrants. Steven began at Edge Hill University in Autumn 2016 and currently instructs on the following modules: Steven is module leader/teaches on the following modules:

  • CRI 1017 Critical Thinking and Analysis
  • CRI2102/2220 Violence
  • CRI 3101 The Politics of Policing
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