Rafe McGregor


Dr Rafe McGregor is Senior Lecturer in Criminology. His research is at the intersection of philosophy and criminology, with an initial focus on aesthetic education and a current focus on criminological fiction and ideologically-motivated harm. His teaching interests include the various criminological, sociological, and philosophical questions surrounding both ‘race’ and violence. Rafe was previously Lecturer in Criminology at Leeds Trinity University (2017-2018) and Associate Lecturer at the University of York’s Centre for Lifelong Learning (2011-2017). Prior to his postgraduate study, he served as a prison officer in HM Prison Service (2000-2010) and a police officer in the Durban City Police (1992-1998).


  • PhD in Philosophy, University of York, 2015
  • FHEA, Higher Education Academy, 2016


  • CRI2023 ‘Race’, Crime and Criminology
  • CRI 2222/4 Violence and Society
  • CRI 3020 Dissertation

Research Interests

  • Criminological Fiction
  • Ideologically-Motivated Harm
  • Aesthetic Education


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