Rafe McGregor


Dr Rafe McGregor is Senior Lecturer in Criminology. He researches political violence, media and culture, and policing, focusing on the impact of theories of culture on the actualisation of social justice. From 2021 to 2026 he is co-investigator of the Croatian Science Foundation Installation Research Project ‘Aesthetic Education through Narrative Art’, headed by Dr Iris Vidmar Jovanović at the University of Rijeka. His teaching interests include the various criminological, sociological, and philosophical questions surrounding both ‘race’ and violence. Rafe was previously Lecturer in Criminology at Leeds Trinity University (2017-2018), Lecturer in Policing at Bishop Burton College (2016-2017), and Tutor at the University of York’s Centre for Lifelong Learning (2010-2015). Prior to his postgraduate study, he served as a prison officer in HM Prison Service (2000-2010) and a police officer in the Durban City Police (1992-1998). He Tweets at: @detectingharm.


  • PhD in Philosophy, University of York, 2015
  • FHEA, Higher Education Academy, 2016

Professional Appointments

  • Advance Higher Education (Fellow)
  • Critical Criminology: An International Journal (Editorial Board)
  • British Society of Aesthetics (Trustee)
  • Crime Writers Association (Member)


  • CRI2023 ‘Race’, Crime and Criminology
  • CRI 2222/4 Violence and Society
  • CRI 3020 Dissertation

Research Interests

  • Political Violence
  • Media and Culture
  • Policing



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