Professor Francesco Rizzuto


Educated in the universities of Hull and Manchester. Completed courses on European Administrative Law at the Academy of European Law, European University Institute, Florence and European Banking and Financial Law at the International University Institute, Luxembourg. Has taught at a number of universities including Ulster, Hull, Cardiff, Oxford Brookes and Lancaster. Multi and inter-disciplinary background. Involved in a number of European Commission supported projects, training judges in Community law in former candidate Member States. Membership of appropriate subject associations. Has significant management experience as the head of academic departments and groups of departments. Very successful track record of curriculum innovation including programme design and validation. Served as a member of the University Board of Governors, University Academic Board and University and Faculty committees on academic standards and quality and planning and resources.  Regular analyst for radio and television on matters relating to EU Law and UK and European Politics.


  • BA (Hons) Special Politics, University of Hull, 1978
  • LLM European Law and Policy, University of Manchester, 2001


  • LAW3051 EU Constitutional Law
  • LAW3046 Media Law
  • LAW3052 EU Substantive Law

Research Interests

  • European Constitutional Law
  • European Competition Law
  • The Enforcement of Multi-level Regulatory Frameworks
  • Brexit


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