Dr Anna Hopkins


Dr Anna Hopkins is a Senior Lecturer in Policing. She spent 8 years working as a Police Officer in Greater Manchester Police in various roles such as Community Policing, Hate Crime and specializing in Domestic violence. She is about to complete her PhD thesis which examines domestic violence victims’ decision making as they journey through the Criminal Justice System from reporting to retracting.

Anna has taught extensively across Lancaster University, University of Cumbria, University of Liverpool and John Moores’ University in subject areas of Policing, Criminology and Forensic Psychology.

Her research areas are: domestic violence, police culture, victim decision making, policing mental health and interviewing.


  • BSc: Psychology, University of Liverpool
  • MSc: Investigative Expertise (distinction) Lancaster University
  • PhD: University of Liverpool Psychology/Criminology (pending)


  • PLN 3000 Professional Policing
  • PLN 3001 Police Ethics and Integrity
  • PLN 3002 Research Report


  • Walklate, S. & Hopkins, A (2018). Real lives and Lost lives: Making sense of ‘locked in’ responses to intimate partner homicide. Asian Journal of Criminology. (Pending).

Conference Papers

  • Hopkins, A & Walklate, S (2017). Positively inconsistent: The role of positive action in domestic homicides. The II European Conference on Domestic Violence, Porto, Portugal.
  • Hopkins, A (2017). Indicative influences of retraction in domestic violence. British Society of Criminology, Sheffield.

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