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The ‘International Justice and Human Rights’ Research Unit’ provides a forum for research in: international criminal law, international humanitarian law, human rights law, migration, criminal justice and human rights. It includes members from both academia and the legal profession. Members of the Unit provide expert advice and training to the legal profession, governmental and non-governmental organizations, judiciaries, undertake collaborative research. The Research Unit regularly host conferences, workshops, seminars, and lectures.

The Unit welcomes proposals for collaborative research projects.




8th February 2019
Guest Lecture on the occasion of the launch of The Companion to International Humanitarian Law.  Domestic and International Prosecution of War Crimes: Achievements and Challenges

Speakers: Judge Keith Raynor (Vice-President Kosovo Specialist Chambers) and Mr Niccolò Pons (Associate Legal Officer Kosovo Specialist Chambers)

Discussants Dr Patrick Butchard and Dr Triestino Mariniello

7th – 8th September 2018, Liverpool

Conference ‘Twenty Years of the ICC’s Rome Statute: Utopia – Reality – Crisis’

The Conference was based on an international and interdisciplinary discussion on four different, but interconnected themes – ‘global justice’, goals and functions of the ICC, relationship with states parties and the UN Security Council, effectiveness of proceedings.


  • Julia Geneuss, LL.M. (NYU) (Hamburg University)
  • Triestino Mariniello (Edge Hill University)


24th November 2017

Guest Lecture ‘European Court of Human Rights Case Law on International Crimes’ on the occasion of the book launch ‘Judicial Dialogue on Human Rights: The Practice of International Criminal tribunals’ (Lobba – Mariniello eds, Brill 2017)

Speaker Judge Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque (European Court of Human Rights)

Chair Dr Mariagiulia Giuffré
Discussants Dr Paolo Lobba and Dr Triestino Mariniello

1st November 2017

Guest Lecture – The International Criminal Court at 15: Achievements and Challenges.

Speaker Judge Cuno Tarfusser (Vice-President of the International Criminal Court)

Previous Events

13th – 14th June 2014

The “Cross-Fertilization” Rhetoric in Question: Use and Abuse of the European Court’s Jurisprudence by International Criminal Tribunals

In June, 2014, Edge Hill University hosted a two-day international workshop. The event focused on the legal phenomenon of cross-fertilization between international criminal law and human rights principles developed by specialized supranational bodies. Twenty-two among scholars and practitioners critically assess the manner in which widely-recognized standards of human rights have been used (or misused) by international criminal tribunals.



To contact International Justice and Human Rights Unit, please contact Dr Triestino Mariniello

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