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There is a long tradition of criminological research at Edge Hill University. In addition to the work of the Power Discourse & Harm Research Unit, and the Police Research Unit, the department has strengths in the following areas:

Childhood and Families
Crime and Place
Historical Criminology
Migrant Criminology
Music and Crime
Philosophical Criminology

We welcome applications for postgraduate study at MRes and PhD. For informal discussions please contact Professor Andrew Millie or Dr Alana Barton.





5-6 March 2019

Narrative Justice: A BSA Conference on Aesthetic Education from Theory to Practice
British Society of Aesthetics

31 August – 1 September 2018
British Crime Historians Symposium
The British Crime Historians Network

7 June 2018
In Conversation: Professor Green on Working Class White Males
With Dr Eleanor Peters, Grace Robinson and Sean Creaney
Edge Hill University Festival of Ideas

26 April 2018
Criminology and Public Theology: On Justice, Mercy and Forgiveness
I4P and the North West Branch of the British Society of Criminology

12 October 2016
Philosophical Criminology Book Launch
Professor Andrew Millie, Edge Hill University


PhD Students

Current PhD Students

Janice Devers - photo

Jan Adams

“Everyday morality and anti-social behaviour”
Supervisors: Professor Andrew Millie and Dr Leon Culbertson

Sharon Dickinson – Gentrification, criminalisation and the rise of DIY skateparks: An investigation into the social production of urban space.


Grace Robinson – Gangs and child criminal exploitation: A case study of Merseyside.

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Research Projects

Research Projects

Domestic Violence Awareness

Project funder: TBA, 2019, £TBA

Dr Agnieszka Martynowicz and Julie Davies

Narrative Justice

Project funder: British Society of Aesthetics, 2019, £TBA

Dr Rafe McGregor

A two-day conference has been funded by the British Society of Aesthetics to be held at Edge Hill University 5-6 March 2019 on the topic of narrative justice. The purpose of the conference is to: facilitate mutually-beneficial exchange between the humanities and the social sciences; draw attention to the overlap between the disciplines of philosophical aesthetics and theoretical criminology; and explore the interdisciplinary potential of subjects such as the imaginary of justice, narrative counter-terror, and the representation of crime in popular media.

The Use and Abuse of Music: Criminal Records

Project funder: Edge Hill Research Investment Fund, 2019, £TBA
Dr Eleanor Peters

Music is generally seen as a positive thing, but there is a darker side to its use. There are inequalities in whose music is heard and whose is suppressed. The use of music as a weapon in war and conflict or as punishment in the criminal justice system takes something society generally perceives as intrinsically ‘good’ and subverts it. Music (and sound) has been used as a method of torture in conflict situations. It is also used to punish or repel the least powerful in society – unwanted groups of young people or others perceived as ‘deviant’. The research project will result in a monograph on music and crime.

British Crime Historians Symposium

Project funder: TBA, 2018, £TBA
Dr Alana Barton and Professor Alyson Brown

The British Crime Historians Symposium meets every two years as a forum for discussion, debate and the presentation of research for all aspects of the history of crime, law, justice, punishment and social regulation. It has become one of the most significant regular events in these research fields. It was hosted by Edge Hill University 31 August – 1 September 2018.

Deportations and extraditions of Polish former prisoners from the UK to Poland

Project funder: British Academy, 2018, £TBA
Dr Agnieszka Martynowicz

Under the British Academy Visiting Fellowship scheme, Professor Prof Witold Klaus of the Polish Academy of Sciences was hosted within the Department of Law and Criminology at Edge Hill from August to October 2018 for research with Dr Agnieszka Martynowicz on deportations and extraditions of Polish former prisoners from the UK to Poland.

Criminology and Public Theology: On Justice, Mercy and Forgiveness

Project funder: British Society of Criminology, I4P and Edge Hill Research Investment Fund, 2018, £2,830
Professor Andrew Millie

The project brings together leading criminologists and theologians, initially for a seminar held at Edge Hill University in April 2018. It was the first time in nearly 40 years that the two disciplines had met in this way. At that time the context was a ‘coming penal crisis’. Today the penal crisis appears permanent, with prisons often in a poor state, understaffed and overcrowded, experiencing high levels of violence and drug use, and suffering low levels of rehabilitation. The seminar and a resulting edited collection to be published by Bristol University Press, come at an important time to challenge criminal justice orthodoxy.

Challenging Acceptable Urban Aesthetics: Urban Intervention and Transgression

Project funder: Edge Hill Research Investment Fund ‘’, 2013-2015, £1,675
Professor Andrew Millie

The project explores conceptions of agreeable urban aesthetics by exploring the views of those that challenge conventional ideas of what is acceptable through what have become known as ‘urban interventions’. Focus is on the activities of yarn bombers and guerrilla gardeners in the North West of England.

Research in Action

Research in Action

Members of the Criminology Research Units are involved in important and innovative research on a range of topics. Summaries of some of their work are available here:

Children, Young People and Families
Parenting Orders and the criminalisation of parenting
Exploring the issue of parent abuse as a social problem

Crime and Place
Behavioural expectations and city living

Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology
Philosophical criminology
New horizons in criminology



For informal discussions and further information please contact Professor Andrew Millie or Dr Alana Barton.

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