Guest Lecture by Professor Phil Scraton

Wednesday 6th November, 2:30 pm – 4:00pm, H2 Lecture Theatre, “Regarding the ‘Pain of Others’: Fractured Lives, Dissenting Voices, Recovering Truth”. Drawing on his published in-depth research Phil Scraton explores the profound challenges involved in bearing witness to the ‘pain of others’, foregrounding their social, political and economic rights in the processes of investigation and inquiry. Recounting personal testimonies ‘from below’, revealing institutionalised deceit and pursuing ‘truth recovery’, this talk argues that dissenting voices are the foundation of hope, resistance and transformation. Further, they challenge the assumption that ‘well-being’ is reducible to personal responsibility.

Policing Degree Guest Lecture – Investigating Homicide

American Homicide Book Cover

Dr Richard Hough, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of West Florida, and Visiting Fellow in Policing at Edge Hill University

We are now in our fourth year of delivering undergraduate degree programmes in Policing. Where possible we provide our policing students with the best outside speakers so that they hear different perspectives and real world experiences of policing. For this lecture we have Dr Richard Hough who is a Visiting Fellow within the Police Research Unit in the Department of Law and Criminology, Edge Hill University. He comes to us from the University of West Florida where he uses his extensive experience in US law enforcement and corrections to inform his teaching and research. He is the co-author of “American Homicide”, now in its second edition.

Police Research Unit Guest Seminar

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Dr Richard Hough, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of West Florida, and Visiting Fellow in Policing at Edge Hill University will present a guest seminar for the Police Research Unit on Monday 4th November 2019 at 3:30pm. The seminar is on the Legitimacy, Accountability, and the Use of Force in American Policing: Lessons Learned? In years past the use of force was not necessarily as visible to the public, or simply not completely understood as used as often as appearances on social media might suggest. What are the facts? Join Dr. Richard Hough, a practitioner, trainer, scholar, and consultant for forty years in the use of force in American policing.

Third Annual EU Sports Law and Policy Summer School

The Centre for Sports Law Research are pleased to offer our third annual EU Sports Law and Policy Summer School, generously supported by the EUs Erasmus + Programme. Our 2019 event will be held at Edge Hill University on Friday 30th August and Saturday 31st August. In addition to the classes delivered by Professor Richard Parrish, Jean Monnet Chair, delegates will learn from a number of sports law and policy experts.
For registration details and the full programme, please click on this article.

The Future of Sports Law and Business Flagship Conference November 2019

Decorative image promoting upcoming Sports Law and Business Conference, with banner statement, "The Future of Sports Law and Business".

Kings Chambers, in conjunction with the Centre for Sports Law Research at Edge Hill University, is delighted to present a flagship conference looking at the future issues and opportunities in the sporting sector. This one-day conference brings together leading sports law and business experts from across Europe to offer their insight into current trends and future developments. We are particularly pleased to announce that the event will incorporate the release of the findings from a major two-year study, generously supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme, into the regulation of football agents across Europe.

Dr Giuffre Invited to Submit Evidence to Inquiry.

The UK Foreign Affairs Committee (House of Commons) has invited Dr Giuffré to submit evidence to an Inquiry on the management of migration in the Mediterranean. This call for evidence aims to explore what the UK is doing at the bilateral level with European partners, in particular France and Italy, to police migration routes and to address the root causes of largescale displacement.

Dr Giuffré Panel Member and Speaker at International Festival Sabir

As a Member of ASGI, Dr Giuffré was invited to the international Festival Sabir held in Lecce (Italy) in May 2019 to take part in a day of legal training on “the closing of the Libyan migration route as a building block of the strategies of the European Union: responsibility for serious acts of violence suffered by foreigners and legal instruments to counter them.” As a speaker in this panel, she presented on “The closing of ports and indirect refoulement: What role for the European Court of Human Rights?”, discussing when access to ports to people in distress must be guaranteed.

Dr Mariagiulia Giuffré talks at the Refugee Law Initiative Annual Conference

Dr Mariagiulia Giuffré took part in the Refugee Law Initiative Annual Conference held in London between 3-5 June 2019. This year’s special theme – ‘Rethinking the “Regional” in Refugee Law and Policy?’. Within a panel on Borders Externalization, Dr Giuffré gave a talk on “Stemming Refugee Flows to Europe through ‘Contactless’ Migration Controls beyond Borders: What Responsibility for European States?” engaging in discussion on jurisdiction and refugee rights, especially non-refoulement and the right to leave.