Kirsty Nickson

Kirsty Nickson

LLB (Hons) Law

Serious Injury Solicitor & Professional Trustee

Fitting studies around nappy changes, school runs and bedtime stories is nothing new for Law graduate and mother of three, Kirsty Nickson. While most people would struggle to look after a young family and hold down a job at the same time, Kirsty has done that and completed two degrees as well.

“I had two babies while I was doing my first degree in English and History,” says Kirsty, “one in the first year and one just before my finals. It was hard work but I was very determined and learned to organise myself so I could fit everything in!”

After graduation Kirsty worked for a bank in a customer service role before deciding to go back to Edge Hill to join the first ever cohort of Law students.

“I was always interested in law,” says Kirsty, “but it wasn’t until Edge Hill started its degree programme that the area was opened up to me. I had to stay local because of my family commitments and I knew Edge Hill would give me the support and help I needed to complete the degree.”

Kirsty now works as a solicitor specialising in personal injury cases. “It’s rewarding and very challenging,” she says. “I deal with people who have suffered serious injuries, who have had very traumatic and life-changing experiences. It can be emotional, but it is very worthwhile.

“I had no experience in any law-related field before my degree, but I found that the skills I had were all valuable. The client facing skills I gained from working in customer service, even the skills I had as a parent, have all helped me get where I am today.

“It has been difficult but I don’t regret anything. I hope I can show other mature students, and mothers like myself, that it can be done. All you need is perseverance, motivation and lots of support.”

Kirsty currently works as a Serious Injury Solicitor and Professional Trustee at Fletchers Solicitors.

“Kirsty’s main interest is dealing with Court of Protection and Trustee matters for our clients. She joined the company as a trainee in 2007, qualifying as a full-fledged solicitor in 2011 and has been successfully helping make a profound difference on people’s lives since then.”