Dr Mariagiulia Giuffré and Dr Triestino Mariniello have been invited to give a seminar within the context of training activities of the European Court of Human Rights. The event on ‘Counter-terrorism and the ECtHR: State of Emergency and Deportation with Assurances in Context’, chaired by Judge Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque, will be held in the premised of the European Court.

Dr Giuffré will explore under what circumstances international human rights bodies, in particular the European Court, (should) consider diplomatic assurances sufficiently reliable instruments to eliminate the risk of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment for criminal suspects removed to their countries of origin.

Dr Mariniello will examine how the derogations to the ECHR submitted by Ukraine, France, and Turkey, together with the exceptional measures adopted for counter-terrorism purposes, substantially restricted several fundamental rights enshrined in the Convention. He will provide some recommendations on how the Court should deal with the state of emergency that poses significant challenges to the protection of human rights.