Dr Giuffré is a Member of the Group of Experts for the Project In Limine, led by ASGI (Italian Association of Legal Studies on Immigration), and funded by OPEN SOCIETY (2019-2020). The project aims to conduct research and strategic litigation before Italian and international courts concerning migration in transit zones, including ports, airports and hotspots.

She is also part of the Group of Experts for the Project SCIABACA, led by ASGI and funded by FONDAZIONE CHARLEMAGNE (2019-2020). The project explores current practices of externalization of borders with the primary goal to carry out research; train lawyers in African countries of origin of migrants, and prepare strategic litigation on migrants and refugee rights before domestic, foreign and international courts/ UN human rights committees, also together with lawyers in countries of origin/transit of migrants in Africa.

As a Member of ASGI, Dr Giuffré was invited to the international Festival Sabir held in Lecce (Italy) in May 2019 to take part in a day of legal training on “the closing of the Libyan migration route as a building block of the strategies of the European Union: responsibility for serious acts of violence suffered by foreigners and legal instruments to counter them.”   As a speaker in this panel, she presented on “The closing of ports and indirect refoulement: What role for the European Court of Human Rights?”, discussing when access to ports to people in distress must be guaranteed.