As part of their Harm, Rights and Justice Guest Speaker programme, the Department of Law and Criminology is delighted to host a guest lecture by Professor Sandra Walklate entitled ‘Who is the victim of crime?’

Professor Walklate is the Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Liverpool. She is also an honorary Senior Research Fellow at Bangor University and is a member of the Department of Public Health ‘Health Impact and the fear of crime’ Advisory Panel. She is a familiar name to students of sociology and criminology, having written and edited numerous criminological texts on topics such as ‘risk’, terrorism, fear of crime and murder. She is, however, mostly known for her extensive work around victims and victimology and has worked closely with victim support organisations and police training programmes designed to better understand and respond to the impact of crime on victims.

In her talk she will revisit the seminal question ‘who is the victim of crime’, first posed by American Sociologist Richard Quinney in 1972. By focusing on different accounts of the ‘victim’ – from the academic (where the emphasis is on crime), to the cultural (with an emphasis on suffering) to the political (with an emphasis on justice) – Professor Walklate will consider how the victim is constructed in these different narratives. In particular, she will examine the ways in which, and the reasons why, some ‘types’ of victim feature more prominently than others in these narratives in the aftermath of the global economic crisis.

Professor Walklate’s lecture will be held on Wednesday 23rd November at 2pm in M40. All are welcome to attend. Details of forthcoming lectures in this series will be available in due course.