Keeping your computer safe and secure

We install updates on your computer so we don’t leave ourselves open to attack. This often happens in the background (a ‘silent’ install) and we will let you know if you need to restart your computer so you can save your work. Sometimes you will see updates running and installing as you login or logout. Always let them run and don’t interrupt them.

Sometimes we need to update your computer out of normal office hours, so it’s a good idea to save your work often.

What we protect your computer from

• Malware: software such as viruses, spyware or ransomware that infects your computer
• Hackers: attacks to break into your computer to gain control or steal data
• Vulnerabilities: bugs in the operating system (e.g Windows or Mac OS) or other software that gives malware or hackers a way into your computer

You have probably heard the phrase ‘vulnerabilities’ recently with regards to Microsoft Windows and computers in general. Well, think of them as being a bit like open doors; ways of getting access to the computer’s operating system. Then, if someone wants to interfere with the way your computer works, they do it using this vulnerability.

They can occur in any computer operating system. With the Windows family of software being the most prevalent, vulnerabilities tend to make headline news because they can cause the most problems.

Never give up control of your PC to someone you don’t know; never give your personal details and don’t download attachments when you don’t know where they’ve come from. If there is a concern, please call us at the Service Desk and we can advise.

Jenny, Elliott, Ian and Mark
IT Service Desk
Mike Nolan
Web Services