At Edge Hill University we have password change policies in place which mean that our students are required to change their passwords a minimum of every 90 days and our staff a minimum of every 30 days.

There are good reasons for this, the most obvious being protection of your data.

For the mathematicians out there, many of our students who enrolled on their first year back in September are now approaching their 90 day limit. Things start to happen … or rather, things stop happening. Maybe your Eduroam connection has stopped working on your phone or laptop? Maybe you just can’t access your account anymore? It’s time to change your password!

First of all, right now in fact, check your registered alternative email address in GO is correct and up to date.  Here’s how …

  • log in to GO
  • hover your mouse pointer over your name as displayed in the top right hand corner of the page
  • click settings (from the drop down menu)
  • click settings (on the left of the main window)
  • input an alternative email address (twice)
  • click Save

To reset your password, go to and click ‘Reset your password’.


You’ll be asked to submit your username and an email will be sent to your registered alternative email address.  If you don’t receive it, try checking your ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ mail folders.