Over the past couple of years, along with everyone else, we have been watching and waiting to see which of the operating systems specific to Windows computing will take off. Windows 7 has been in use for a number of years and has proven to be a stable working environment along with Office 2013. It became apparent that Windows 8 was not a popular option for ‘enterprise’ deployments that we use in the University environment but Windows 10 is seeing a marked increase in take-up across not only our sector but also in the business environments.

Back in March, Edge Hill University was proud to host a working day for colleagues in Universities across the UK in our Manchester offices (shout out and thanks to our colleagues at St James’). The day was organised working with colleagues in Oxford and Lincoln Universities and was run though our UCISA Support Services Group – a true collaboration. We were all able to exchange knowledge and ideas and we gained confidence here that it was time to roll out the new operating system and Office software.

So where are we now? We initially identified some 50 ‘Champions’ who were volunteers from across the University; willing to be early adopters and assist by reporting any issues that they might come across. This programme ran in June and early July and after bedding in and addressing some of the issues that they identified we began rollout at the start of August.

We’ve run over 20 ‘hands on’ overview sessions for staff and so far we have had over 200 successful upgrades. Your upgrade is released as an option so you can choose to run it when it suits you. Our Windows 10 Champions are first point of contact for the staff on the rollout programme. Each area has its own Champion. If you don’t know who yours is (or you haven’t got one) please contact Jenny Jordan.

All student facing computers in open access areas and in teaching rooms are now running on Windows 10.  Overview sessions are running for all staff right through August and into September. Why not book onto one now and be prepared for your upgrade?

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Jenny Jordan
IT Customer Services Manager