Back in 2012 we entered the Service Desk Institute’s event “IT Service Week” as part of National Customer Service Week which was looking for the ‘Top IT Service Desk’ of the year. 

And we won it!

(Here we are receiving our award) 

Delighted doesn’t describe it.  We were very proud.  But we recognise that we are backed by great colleagues in IT Services and couldn’t do what we do without their support. 


A year later in 2013, we were runners up although we did manage to bag the ‘IT Services Superstar’ which was an individual award. 


For the past few years, we have stayed away and looked on as other people have entered and succeeded where we left off. 

Well, we thought 2017 is time to claim our title back but we need your help. Our customers have to vote us into the top slot so we’re asking you to spend a moment and register your vote at 

Thank you!