IT Regulations and Acceptable Use

A spot of revision time.  Please take a moment to protect yourself when online.  These guidelines apply equally whether you’re at home or at work, a member of staff or a student.  Or even just someone who has stumbled upon this page … Governance … Don’t break the law, do abide by the University regulations […]

Phishing, Vishing, Smishing and Pharming

There are plenty of people out there longing to get their hands on your personal data.  Please take care both inside and outside work.  Here are some tips:  Phishing – attempting to get information via email or a link in an email Vishing – attempting to gain information by phone (voice)  Smishing – attempting to […]

How do I know if an email is ‘Junk’?

We often get suspect email forwarded to the IT Service Desk from staff asking us to ‘warn’ other members of staff that a suspect/junk/fake email is being circulated.  Simply DELETE any email which you feel is suspect. There is no need to forward it to the IT Service Desk.  Call us if you want our advice on […]

Customer Service Excellence … do we have what it takes?

Our annual re-assessment for our Customer Service Excellence award is due on 30 January 2018 and we would like to invite anyone who has used our service in the last 12 months it they would like to come along and talk about their experience. The meeting(s) last no longer that one hour; you get to […]

Return of the Windows 10 Overviews

STAFF AND COLLEAGUES:  Over the holidays IT Services are pleased to have secured the use of PSS002 for further Windows 10 overview and familiarisation sessions.  There is one nearly every day and you can choose a date/time and sign up yourself.  Every session will run – you just need to register and turn up.  Please […]

Are we the IT Service Desk of 2017?

Back in 2012 we entered the Service Desk Institute’s event “IT Service Week” as part of National Customer Service Week which was looking for the ‘Top IT Service Desk’ of the year.  And we won it! (Here we are receiving our award)  Delighted doesn’t describe it.  We were very proud.  But we recognise that we […]

Summer rollout of the Windows 10 operating system and Office 2016

Over the past couple of years, along with everyone else, we have been watching and waiting to see which of the operating systems specific to Windows computing will take off. Windows 7 has been in use for a number of years and has proven to be a stable working environment along with Office 2013. It became […]

There’s a(nother) nasty virus about …

There is significant talk right now about another nasty virus – not a health virus but a computer virus. The following extract is taken from a recent alert issued by the Met Police in London: Fraudsters are sending out a high volume of phishing emails to personal and business email addresses, pretending to come from […]